Preferred Travel Partners, LLC (dba Rockstar Adventures or RSA) acts only as an agent of all vendors including cruise lines, tour operators, airlines, hotels or any other supplier that may be included in your travel event. RSA will not be responsible for delays, cancellations, injury, loss of life, hospitalization, omissions or any other event caused by suppliers. Terms & Conditions agreement shall be deemed accepted and agreed upon by you and any other persons traveling with you on the same reservation and are bound by all terms and conditions set out in this agreement.

In addition, you and any companions on the same reservation are bound by Terms & Conditions of all suppliers. It is your responsibility to review the Terms & Conditions available on each website prior to your travel date.

If you or any of your guests are asked to leave, disembark or be released from any tour or activity arranged by RSA that is caused by your actions, you will not be refunded or granted a future travel certificate. You must act appropriately throughout your cruise, tour, and any other supplier event.

A deposit will be necessary to confirm your reservation. This payment may or may not go directly to the supplier. RSA may also request additional payments over and above any supplier’s requested payments for extra activities such as, but not limited to meet and greets, pub crawls, concerts, or parties. RSA website or its affiliated booking sites will list all details by event for all guests.

Failure to make payments or make final payment on the due date may subject your reservation to cancellation.

If you have opted for RSA to automatically process your payment, all payments will be processed on the due dates. You are responsible for notifying your travel professional to request a change in your form of payment or if your charge card expires anytime during the scheduled payment dates.

Major charge cards such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard are accepted as payment for deposits and progress payments. Additionally, Zelle is accepted as a form of payment. Additional payment options may be available.

Progress payment dates are set for each RSA experience based on the departure date of the experience. Payment dates will be clearly posted on each RSA event.

Additional costs for Gratuities, Government taxes, Port Charges, Security and other fees are not included in the reservation price per person unless noted on each RSA event.

Cancellations may be made at any time for any reason. Cancellations must be made in writing. No verbal cancellations will be accepted.

Send the written Cancellation Request via email to: [email protected]

Cancellations are governed by and subject to the cancellation refund policy as defined on each RSA event. Each client has the right to cancel their RSA experience for any reason and will receive their appropriate refund. Please be advised that RSA also has the absolute right to cancel any clients booking for any reason whatsoever. Should this occur, RSA will provide a 100% refund to the client.

The terms of the cancellation policy and fees are subject to change and are specific for each departure. See the individual trip page for policy details.

Travel insurance is highly recommended. You are responsible for consulting with your travel professional to add optional travel protection insurance for any event arranged by RSA. Guests understand and agree that RSA and all suppliers has a zero tolerance policy for illegal activity and shall report such activity to the appropriate authorities.

RSA and any supplier may also change accommodations, alter or cancel any activities of, deny service of alcohol to, confine to a stateroom or quarantine, search the stateroom, property or baggage of any Passenger, disembark or refuse to embark any Passenger at any time, without liability, at the risk and expense of the Passenger, when in the sole opinion of RSA or the Captain, feel the Passenger’s conduct or presence is believed to present a possible danger, security risk or be detrimental to himself or the health, welfare, comfort or enjoyment of others, or is in violation of any provision of this Agreement.

Should one guest in a cabin/room be ejected for any of the above reasons, all guests in that cabin/room will be removed without refund.

Compliance with Government Orders and Government Health Protocols
Preferred Travel Partners, LLC, and all third-party travel suppliers shall have the absolute right and obligation, without any liability for compensation to the Guest of any kind, to comply with governmental orders, recommendations, or directions, including but not limited to those pertaining to health, security, immigration, customs and/or safety.

Guest hereby agrees to comply with any and all health, security, immigration, customs, vaccination and/or safety requirement imposed, and hereby waives, releases and discharges Preferred Travel Partners and all third-party travel suppliers from any legal action, claim, complaint and/or damage, present or future, that may arise from not complying with such requirements.

In the case of quarantine, the Guest agrees to bear all risks, losses and expenses caused thereby and will be charged for maintenance, payable day-by-day, if maintained on board the vessel for such period of quarantine. The Guest acknowledges and assumes all risks and losses occasioned by delay or detention howsoever arising.

Costs connected with embarkation or debarkation of Guests and/or baggage and costs of transfer between vessel and shore as a result of the circumstances enumerated but not limited in this paragraph must be borne by the Guest.