Hi there!  You are in the right place for unforgettable group trips hosted by me, Amy.  I love to travel and I believe that we are better together and there should be nothing that holds us back from exploring this very beautiful world we live in!

Let's get moving!  There is nothing stopping us now!

Don't you hate it when you want to travel, but none of your friends will actually commit to going?

While I enjoy solo traveling in the US, it just doesn't feel good for me to be alone in a foreign country and sometimes it's hard to find people who can make such big trips.  If you can relate, then don’t worry! I got you! Never again we will sit out another trip just because we don't have someone to go with.  My group trips are a perfect solution!  New friends will be our souvenirs as we go on epic trips (like true bucket list moments)  and you don't have to stress over all the details.  That is what I am good at!

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