Working Without Borders creates once-in-a-lifetime travel adventures for parents who are in the throws of raising kids. In fact, we co-create them together, helping you find what you’re looking for in the pursuit of freedom, meaning and growth for your family. 

Our travel experiences are custom-fit for family members who seek greater independence and mobility, getting work done while getting more from their time with significant others and kids.  Our adventures in co-working are crafted to jump-start you out of your routines and onto a new path in a beautiful, exotic location. 

The goal is to experience what your life could be like working remotely from paradise. You and your kids will gain new perspectives while still remaining  active and productive in your work.

On each trip, we provide what you need to connect and collaborate comfortably: accommodations, co-working space, local experts, local experiences, cultural workshops, and a diverse family-friendly community.


Unstructured. Unbounded. Unexpected Experiences.

The most fulfilling adventures are not handed to you on a silver platter.  We co-create your trip with you as we learn about your needs and priorities.  We facilitate and curate your activities, but it’s your trip and your space to own, opening yourselves and your children to new perspectives in a new place, experiencing a thrilling and exotic location while, perhaps, encountering each other in new and exciting ways.

Each adventure blends personal growth, productivity, education and culture in an unforgettable family experience that will amaze you. 


These trips are for families in the broadest sense. From couples expecting their first baby to single parents with kids, from traditional to alternative, our community is inclusive, welcoming, and thriving on diversity. 



This is your family’s time. Our role and our goal is to set it up for you and then be available when you need help or guidance. We provide a platform for co-working, collaboration, conversations, and cultural  experiences. We provide a solid and safe framework of adventures for your kids, too, keeping them active and engaged during the daytime so you can get work done and have me- and we-time. Evenings are family time, though we offer some thrilling meals and cultural events to liven things up when you’re in the mood.

But for sure, this is nothing like a package tour. You’re largely on your own, free to interact as a family, go where you will, working or playing to your hearts’ content. It’s all up to you. Be productive or be inquisitive. Plug in or tune out as you and your fam see fit.

We’ll give you a calendar filled with options, including unique cultural events, facilitated workshops, and happy hours. But there will also be plenty of free time and space to roam and explore as you and your loved ones wish and imagine.

Often, trip participants take turns as dinner hosts and guests, creating and sharing group experiences. Or we’ll go out to eat in small groups at local spots. During the day, some will hang in the co-working space, hit the beach, or jeep into the jungle.  You’ll always find the time to reconnect and recreate with family.  And perhaps find yourself interacting with new friends as part of an extended family. It starts with light conversation but often progresses to deep and meaningful communication.


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